Coronavirus is only a tip of the iceberg, states Researcher Shi Zhengli from Wuhan lab in China

Beijing: – Shi Zhengli, the chief researcher at the Wuhan laboratory in China, has warned that Coronavirus, which claimed more than 325,000 lives around the world, is only the tip of an iceberg. If the pandemics which would be more dreadful that the Coronavirus need to be averted, it is necessary to study the viruses causing these pandemics. Zhengli warned that otherwise, more dreadful pandemics would ravage the world. Shi Zhengli, also known as Bat Woman, had created a sensation by accepting the claim that the Coronavirus was indeed developed in the Wuhan laboratory. 

Shi Zhengli, Deputy Chief and researcher at the Wuhan laboratory, which is the target for criticism from around the world, issued this warning while talking to a Chinese news channel. Zhengli expressed her opinion that while studying a virus, there must exist transparency and cooperation between the government and the scientists. At the same time, Zhengli stated that Coronavirus is only the tip of an iceberg and predicted a frightening possibility that much more dangerous viruses are in existence. It is necessary to research viruses that could be transmitted from animals to humans. Zhengli said that this is the only way out to avert the other pandemics.

While warning of pandemics more dangerous than Coronavirus, Zhengli made a bizarre claim that the Wuhan laboratory is in no way connected to the Coronavirus. Zhengli told the news channel that there was a vast difference between Coronavirus and the virus she was working on. Talks are rife that Zhengli is distancing herself from her own statements made previously due to the pressure from the Chinese government. There is a dense possibility that the change in the stand is due to the pressure exerted by the Chinese communist government. It was Zhengli herself, who had clearly mentioned SARS-COV-2 (Coronavirus) in her article regarding the research in the laboratory written in 2015. A few weeks ago, exposure of the article and the documentary made by a Chinese news channel had left the Chinese government red-faced.

Therefore, the Chinese government has made Zhengli say that there is no connection between the virus she is working on and Coronavirus. Despite this, the international community will only believe the previous information. Because the article by Zhengli, published in 2015, was written without any pressure and now there are indications that Zhengli is making this statement under the pressure of the Chinese government.

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