99 percent of Russian ballistic missiles on ‘alert’, warns Russian Defence Minister

Moscow: Russian Defence Minister ‘Sergei Shoigu’ warned that the Russia Army was prepared to respond to an emergency posed due to any threat. While addressing the government’s official press, Shoigu announced that, 99 percent of Russia’s ballistic missile launchers were in a combat-ready state and 96 percent of them are constantly ready for an immediate launch.

In the current times, to resolve a nuclear threat  there is a dependency on military’s ballistic capabilities and Russia is prepared for it, said Defence Minister Shoigu. He said that 99 percent of missiles out of the ballistic arsenal in Russia’s defence armoury, were in a war-ready state. The Russian Defence Minister also clarified that these weapons were flawless.

If a sudden state of war was declared and nuclear weapons were launched against Russia, 96 percent of the missiles were maintained in an alert mode. The Defence minister also warned that the these missiles were in a state that they could immediately target enemy missiles and locations.

Apart from this, Russia was currently developing cutting edge weapons and equipment, informed Defence Minister Shoigu. He also announced that the missiles had the ability to bypass any anti-missile defence system and launch an attack.

In the last week, the US had conducted its first-ever intercept test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The Russian defence minister’s warning appears to be in response to the these US tests.

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