Russian President severely criticizes EU for adopting more generous migrant policies

Moscow: The Austrian Supreme Court has acquitted the Iraqi migrant who had raped a 10 year old boy. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin is annoyed over this verdict. Putin had slammed Austria and other European Nations on adopting generous migrant policies by saying that that ‘A society that cannot defend its children has no future’. Putin severely criticized the migrant policies adopted by the European Nations saying that they are beyond his perception. It can be seen for the first time that President Putin has expressed his strong views on this topic.

Last week the Supreme Court in Austria had given a verdict to release an Iraqi migrant who had raped a 10 year old boy. The Austrian court had acquitted the convicted Iraqi migrant as it could not be proved that the boy was forced. The Iraqi migrant admitted that he raped the boy as he was away from his wife since last few months and could not control his sexual urge. He was also sentenced for 6 years of imprisonment for this act. However the Supreme Court of Austria overturned his conviction  and acquitted him.

putin_independentThe assaulted, 10 year boy has been injured and is receiving medical treatment in a hospital and in such circumstances, the verdict given by the Supreme Court is seen as an effort to show generosity towards the migrants entered in Austria. As a result, severe reactions are emerging from Austria and it is being claimed that the statements made by the Russian President, Putin are garnering support from Austria.

President Putin expressed his aggression by stating that the Court in a European country is acquitting a person convicted of raping a child, it is hard to understand what exactly is going on in these countries and a society that cannot protect its children has no future Why there is sense of guilt amongst Austria & other European countries towards the migrants?, asked Putin, questioning the policies of European countries. Vladimir Putin also reprimanded that the national values of the European nations are being diluted.

Clear and aggressive stance taken by the Russia‘s President for the first time over Europe’s migrants might increase his popularity in Austria along with European countries. At the same time, this stand taken by Putin, could trouble European leaders who welcome migrants.

Nearly 90 thousand migrants had entered Austria last year. In an effort to stop the migrants, Austria had declared to accept only around 37500 migrants annually. After the arrival of migrants in Austria, a sharp  increase is seen in crime rates as well as complaints against social instability are also increased. Despite allegations are made that the Austrian government is taking no strict action against this. Just 2 days ago, the Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz evidently said that Austria has always freely welcomed the migrants. Kurz had also said that nearly 20% of the total Austria’s population is related to the migrants.

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