1,000 Boko Haram terrorists killed in Chad army attacks  

N’Djamena: The Chad military killed 1,000 terrorists of Boko Haram during an operation in the border regions. The army informed that it had lost 55 soldiers in action. Boko Haram had killed 100 Chadian soldiers in a terror attack last month. An aggressive campaign was undertaken against Boko Haram after that.  


The Chad military initiated the operation against the terrorists on 31st of March after the deadly Boko Haram attack. Army Spokesperson Colonel Azem Bermendoa said that 50 boats were destroyed in the attacks which were carried out near Chad’s border regions.  

The Chad military has gained control over two islands, under Boko Haram’s control and deployed its soldiers at the banks of Lake Chad, located on the borders of Niger and Nigeria. The operation launched against Boko Haram has concluded. Several Chadian soldiers were injured in action. The attacks Boko Haram carried out last month, were the deadliest terror attacks so far.  

Boko Haram, which began launching its terror attacks in north-eastern Nigeria in 2009, is responsible for nearly 30,000 deaths forcing more than 2 million civilians to flee.  

Boko Haram is a terrorist organisation affiliated to Al Qaeda. In a report, the United Nations (UN) published a few years ago, Boko Haram was named the deadliest and violent terrorist organisation in Africa. The Nigerian government had claimed to have finished Boko Haram, operational since the last decade. Nevertheless, the terrorist organisation has demonstrated its influence by carrying out more significant and fierce attacks each time. 

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