US castigates China over Coronavirus in the US Security Council meeting

New York/Beijing: The United States made an aggressive demand that the origin and the source of the Coronavirus pandemic, claiming more than 97,000 lives around the world, has to be traced. This demand made by the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Croft, without naming China, increased tremendous pressure on China. Therefore, China has appealed that this issue should not be politicised to make China a scapegoat.


The United States, the United Kingdom and Japan are consistently accusing China of pushing the world into the ditch of Coronavirus pandemic. The non-permanent members of the UN Security Council had requested a special meeting of the Security Council. But Russia and China busted the discussions, using their Veto right and saying that there is no connection between the pandemic and global security. But the non-permanent members, of the UN Security Council, insisted that the current situation in the world is a challenge to global security. The meeting was held after this.

Against the background of this meeting, the United States, once again, launched an offensive against China. Saying that it is imperative to inform the scientific information, its origin and the spread of any virus, to the international community, to prevent the spread of the pandemic. It is very important to be transparent in this respect. Craft indirectly pointed out that China had failed to take any of these actions.

Chinese Ambassador Zang June was agitated by the aggressive allegations levelled by US Ambassador Craft. The Chinese Ambassador replied to the allegations saying ‘There is a need for mutual understanding, cooperation and support to face the challenges posed by the pandemic. There is no benefit in politicising the issue, mudslinging and making scapegoats out of countries.’ At the same time, Zang read out the contributions made by China in the fight against Coronavirus.

Zang claimed that China has won over the Coronavirus pandemic under the leadership of President Xi Jinping. Zang said that China has sent delegations of experts and medical supplies to more than 100 countries to assist them in containing the pandemic. Although the Chinese ambassador tried to present the Chinese stand, it is unlikely to have any major effect. Since the last few weeks, along with the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain, Georgia, Czech Republic and other countries have severely criticised China, saying that the medical kits received from China are faulty and of poor quality. The accusation that China is looking at this as a trade opportunity while thousands of people are dying in the world is gaining ground. The international media are carrying reports that China is profiteering by supplying inferior quality medical kits, masks and other medical items, at a time when the worldwide demand for these items is growing in leaps and bounds. In a shocking revelation, it has been exposed that China sold to Italy, the medical supplies sent by Italy to China, on humanitarian grounds, while the Coronavirus was on a rampage in China.

This has maligned the Chinese image at the international level. At the same time, the accusation that China is responsible for this Coronavirus crisis faced by the world is becoming stronger by the day. The demand raised by Craft, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, only indicates the political front being formed against China. The signs are already evident that it will be very difficult for China to face this.

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