Possibility of Biological terror attacks increased, concern by the United Nations’ General Secretary  

New York: General Secretary of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, warned ‘We ourselves have opened a window for the biological attacks, because of the shortfalls and deficiencies, in the war against Coronavirus pandemic. In the times to come, the terrorists will carry out dreadful biological terror attacks, using viruses like the Coronavirus. The UN General Secretary also expressed a concern that fight against the Coronavirus pandemic can be weakened due to the social instability and violence. 


Coronavirus has claimed more than 97,000 lives around the world and more than 1.6 million cases have been reported. Meeting of the UN Security Council was held on Thursday, to discuss the spread and the origin of the pandemic. Concerns were expressed over effects on international peace and security, during the meeting, held through videoconferencing.  

The UN General Secretary claimed that there will be long lasting effects of the pandemic and this is the first time the world has faced such a pandemic, since the inception of the United Nations. Guterres pointed to a dangerous possibility ‘It is clear that no one was prepared to fight the pandemic. Taking full advantage of this fact, the terrorist organisations may target the countries, already engaged in fighting the pandemic, though biological attacks.’ 

Guterres expressed a fear ‘Taking advantage of the political instability created in some countries the opponent groups or leaders may plan a rebellion or create anarchy. In that case the long-lasting conflicts, around the world, will acquire monstrous proportions.’ 

Meanwhile, the operatives of the terrorist organisation Muslim Brotherhood, had advised its supporters to use the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity. One of the leaders of this organisation, based in the United States, had suggested that this could be used to overthrow the Sisi government in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood leader had said ‘Get yourself infected with the virus and ensure that the senior officials and ministers, from the Sisi government, acquire the infection.’ 

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