US Presidential candidate Donald Trump warns of Third World War if Russia is attacked over Crimea

Donald TrumpWashington : US Presidential candidate Donald Trump warned that any attempts by Ukraine to take back Crimea from Russia will trigger the Third World War. Crimea was annexed by Russia from Ukraine two years ago. In an interview to a news channel Donald Trump stated that Russia was “not going after Ukraine” before the host reminded him that Russia has already taken Crimea from Ukraine and is backing rebels with arms and irregular troops in Ukraine’s east. Trump clarified that this was 2 years ago and that he did not support restoring Ukraine’s control over Crimea, because it would trigger the Third World War.


Donald Trump had earlier stated that if he becomes US President, he would ensure good relations with Russia. Donald Trump squarely placed blame on the current President, Barack Obama for his wrong policies which have led to irreconcilable differences between the US and Russia due to the issue of Ukraine. Further criticizing President Obama, Trump stated that he would be recorded as the worst President in the history of USA. To further support his statement, Trump pointed out examples of Syria and many Middle East countries.

obamaAt the same time, Barack Obama has been showering fiery criticism on Trump. Trump is unfit to be the President, Republicans should reconsider his candidacy, Obama advised. President Obama’s intensity of criticism has increased sharply in the past week, while seeking support for the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump in his trademark blunt style has continued to fiercely criticize Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Hilary, who has announced that she would establish a great relationship with China, was accused by Trump of having a one-sided, biased policy. Trump further questioned whether focusing on good relations with China would be better vis-a-vis having good relations with Russia.

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