Will not hesitate to formally declare war against terrorism: Donald Trump

Donald Trump , US Presidential Candidate

The world is at war and the US has already joined this war, said the US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Speaking to a US news channel, Trump warned that this war would not be a typical and traditional one. The Republican Party Presidential Candidate has taken a firm stand against terrorist organizations in the past as well. In the near future if time comes, Trump said that he will not waste time to ask the US Congress to formally declare war against terrorism. He even said that this war should have been called for by the US much earlier. Further elaborating on this, Trump said that the war is against people who are so vicious and violent that we have no idea who they are and where they come from. Donald Trump on terrorism

He further stated that US is at war with people who don’t wear uniforms and it’s not a traditional war against a specific country. He indicated that US has to be very tough, vigilant and smart or it could be in a big trouble. Further, he noted that the future is not going to be pretty and could be very severe. 

In the past, Donald Trump has shocked the world by making statements against ISIS.  He has warned that no mercy will be shown in the action against ISIS terrorists. Last month he had said, that if he becomes the President he would make sure that the ISIS is eradicated. He ensured that rapid action will be taken to finish ISIS and for which, he will focus on adequately strengthening the US forces. 

Though Defense officers and politicians have expressed their reservations about Trump’s statements, the US public has strongly supported Trump on this subject. In recent opinion polls, Trump’s ideology on terrorism has received a much better mandate than that of Hillary Clinton. Opinion polls carried out by some news channels have even predicted that Trump will beat Hillary Clinton. 

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