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China passes law awarding special powers to its army as tensions with India rise over border dispute
Gold prices will rise to $3000 per ounce due to rising inflation and weakening dollar, international analysts claim
Will not accept Taiwan becoming the next Hongkong, warns US Senator Dan Sullivan
Turkey warns NATO over France-Greece defence pact; President Erdogan expels envoys of ten nations
Philippines poses a challenge to Chinese hegemony with 153 diplomatic protests

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Russian submarine despatched to Syria  

Russian submarine despatched to Syria  

Moscow: – ‘Rostov-On-Don’, the Russian submarine equipped with cruise missiles has been despatched to Syria. This submarine had played a vital role in the action against the IS. Therefore, the western media are expressing a possibility that the submarine has been despatched for actions in Syria.   As per the information reported by a Russian news […]…

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