Russia and the US should be prepared for major disasters for their actions against the IS; threatens IS Chief, Baghdadi

Third World WarBeirut: ‘IS’ chief, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi has instigated all his supporters and terrorists to attack the United States and Russia. He has issued a threat that Russia and the United States will have to suffer dreadful disasters for their actions against the ‘IS’ very soon.


An audio clip has been released in the name of Baghdadi on a website linked to the ‘IS’. Baghdadi has ordered the terrorists from Asia and Africa, along with the terrorists from the Gulf to attack the western countries. Baghdadi has ordered attacks on the western countries and also the media, who do not believe in the ‘IS’ Ideology and has suggested to destroy the headquarters of the ideological warfare.

The threat from the ‘IS’ chief is considered serious. International analysts claim that Baghdadi has incited the ‘IS’ terrorists to attack the high-sensitivity locations. Baghdadi also went on to threaten US President, Donald Trump.

russia, us, disaster, baghadadi, IS, donald trumpSaying that ‘the United States who has been fighting a religious war against the Islamic countries for the past two decades, would soon be facing difficult times,’ he suggested that the ‘IS’ terrorists should target Canada, Europe and western countries along with the United States. Over the last few years. Russia and the United States have taken strong actions against the ‘IS’ in Syria and Iraq. Mentioning this, Baghdadi ordered the terrorists to carry out dreadful attacks in Russia and the United States.

An audio clip by Baghdadi has been released after nearly a gap of one year. Before this, a threat by Baghdadi had been published on 27th September 2017. Reports of Baghdadi having been killed in the air raids in Syria and Iraq had been published after that. As per the US defence ministry, Baghdadi had been grievously injured in an air raid and had retreated underground along with few of his associates.

Meanwhile, Russia and the United States had claimed that ‘IS’ was finished in Syria and Iraq. But as per recent reports thousands of ‘IS’ terrorists are still waiting to attack in Syria and Iraq. This threat by Baghdadi has been published following this information. Therefore, it is being predicted that the attacks on the western countries may increase in the near future. There is a bigger threat of attacks on the western countries by the lone attackers, who are not directly related to the ‘IS’ but are inspired by the ideology of this dangerous terrorist organisation. This has been observed in the terror attacks in France, as well as other European countries.

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