Newscast Pratyaksha is a unique news site that specifically focuses on analyses and reporting of important international geopolitical events and happenings across world and particularly in the regions of Indian Subcontinent, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa, etc. We operate in two languages viz., English and Hindi combined.


Newscast Pratyaksha is based in Maharashtra, India and is a joint effort between Lotus Publications Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Samir Dattopadhye.

Lotus Publications Pvt. Ltd. is headed by Shri. Samir Dattopadhye as its Managing Director who is also the driving force behind Newscast Pratyaksha. Mr. Dattopadhye has his Twitter handle @samirsinh189 dedicated to creating awareness across the borders on international and social issues across the world and also in India.

Lotus is an India-based publishing house which has published many books, notable amongst them, “The Third World War” ( in the year 2006. They also run a unique daily newspaper in Marathi – Dainik Pratyaksha, which specifically focusses on international geopolitical events and happenings.