Discussion between presidents of US and Russia over the inclusion of China in the new START agreement

Third World WarWashington: US President, Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin,had a telephonic conversation. The talks were about the new START (Strategic Arms Reduction) Treaty, between the two countries. The two leaders had deliberations over, whether to include China in the agreement. President Trump informed that Venezuela, North Korea, Ukraine and US-Russia trade were also discussed with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, over the telephone. President Trump also took a dig at the media saying that the topic of Russian interference in the US elections, was also discussed.

The Venezuelan problem is acquiring huge proportions, and the United States has threatened to pull Nicholas Maduro out of power. Russia has taken a firm stand in support of Maduro, and Russian soldiers have been deployed in Venezuela. A US parliamentarian warned that Russia has deployed nuclear weapons in Venezuela. While the United States and Russia are in a standoff on the Venezuelan issue, the Ukrainian issue is becoming serious. The North Korean nuclear threat is still looming, and the trade disputes between the United States and Russia are intensifying. The United States withdrew from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with Russia, four months ago.

US, Russia, START Treaty, ChinaFollowing this, reports that the United States is preparing to withdraw from the START treaty were also received.

US President Trump gave the information of talks he had with Russian President Putin, against the background of the intense disputes and conflicts between the United States and Russia. While listing the issues discussed in the telephonic conversation, President Trump clarified that the issue of the START Treaty was discussed. President Trump said that discussions regarding the inclusion of China in the treaty was also done. The United States has been complaining that Russia is not abiding by the START treaty and China has increased its nuclear arsenal to a great extent.Therefore, the US demand to include China in the START treaty along with Russia, is a huge political move, by the United States. It is significant to note that Russia too, is in favour of the Chinese inclusion.

Meanwhile, President Trump said that he discussed the Russian interference, during the Presidential elections in 2016, which made him the US President. The accusation has been made in the United States that Russia interfered in the US elections in 2016, to ensure a victory for President Trump. An inquiry has been conducted in the matter, and the Muller report has given a clean chit to Russia, saying that there is no evidence to prove a Russian hand in the elections. President Trump sarcastically mentioned that he had discussions over the Russia interference, during the telecon. Reactions have been received from the United States regarding this.

One of the reporters asked President Trump, whether he told the Russia President not to interfere in the elections again. Whereas, Democrat party member Chuck Schumer blamed Trump of a shocking behaviour with disregard to democracy. The White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders replied to this. Sanders reminded that President Trump has already issued statements in this regard.

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