Pakistan finishes Torkham border post construction violating treaty with Afghanistan

Pakistan finishes Torkham border post construction violating treaty with AfghanistanKhyber : Pakistan completed the construction of border gate along the Torkham Border which was one of the recent reasons of conflict between Afghanistan & Pakistan. Pakistan claims that the constructed check post will help to control the infiltration from Afghanistan. However Afghanistan claims that the construction work at Torkham is illegal and will have an adverse effect on the treaty between the two countries.

As informed by the provincial officer of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan has named the newly constructed border gate as Bab-i-Pakistan gate. All the vehicles from Afghanistan necessarily need to cross this gate. The gate is built with security check posts at both the side. Pakistan security agency claims that all the vehicles and individual scrossing over would go through the security system and will help to maintain peace.

External affair ministry of Afghanistan has raised serious concerns and lodged a protest against the construction work. External affair ministry of Afghanistan commented, “The constructing of border gate at Torkham border is a breach of agreements between the two countries related to Torkham border.”

Presently is no reaction from the Pakistan side as the Pakistani government has rationale the construction to effectively control the smuggling & transgression. Pakistan also reinstate that the construction at the border is in legitimate area of Pakistan.

Prior to the border gate thousands of vehicles cross the border without any security check without paying taxes. On 12th June Pakistan started the construction work which was opposed by the Afghanistan troops resulting in a serious conflict. Despite of protest from Afghanistan, Pakistan continued the construction activity escalated tensions and ignited skirmish along the border.

Seven days of conflicts at Torkham border lead to death of seven solders including a Major from the Pakistan army. A dialogue between the two countries resulted to defuse the conflict. Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of violating the agreement related to border issue and the demarcation of Durand line is not acceptable to Afghanistan.

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