US to send military and tanks for security of Syrian oil projects, claims US weekly

Third World War

Washington: The United States will be deploying military yet again for the security of the oil reserves in eastern Syria under Kurdish control. A leading US weekly claimed that 30 Abram tanks and a minimum of 1,500 soldiers will be deployed in Syria. Proposal for this deployment has been submitted by Pentagon to the Trump administration and a decision is awaited. 

syria-us-withdrawalIt has been reported that the US military which withdrew from Syria has entered Iraq. The eastern part of Syria is under Kurdish control and there are huge oil reserves in this area. IS and Turkey are trying to gain control over these oil reserves. The weekly has informed that the United States will be deploying its military before the Turkey or the Russian military gain control over the oil reserves. 

As per the Pentagon plan, half of the US armoured brigade, meaning 30 tanks and more than 1,500 soldiers will be deployed in this region. Even in the past, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, had announced that the US soldiers will remain deployed in Syria for the security of the oil reserves. 

Meanwhile, after a successful ceasefire with Turkey, Russia has started deploying its military in the Kurdish regions including Kobani. At the same time, joint patrolling by Russia and Turkey will start near the Syria-Turkey border. The Russian military is already moving towards the Turkish border and the patrolling will start in the next few hours. US President welcomed the ceasefire and announced the withdrawal of sanctions imposed against Turkey in the last week. At the same time, he has confidently stated that the ceasefire will be long-lasting. 

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