Iran cannot be locked down for long, despite the Coronavirus threat, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani  

Tehran: – The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed 4,357 lives, in Iran, so far. More than 70,000 cases of the pandemic have been reported from Iran. Although the pandemic will attain dangerous proportions in the near future, the Iranian government has decided to continue with the economic transaction to a certain extent. Iran is also faced with a severe financial crisis, along with the pandemic. Therefore, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reminded the people of Iran that Iran cannot afford to stop the financial transactions.  

In the last 24 hours, the pandemic claimed 125 lives, in Iran and 1,837 new cases have been reported. While the pandemic is on a rampage in Iran, anarchy and unrest is also on the rise. Many people lost their lives because of drinking poisonous liquor, as a rumour that a particular liquor prevents Coronavirus infection, went viral. Iran is confronted with equally severe economic crisis, as the pandemic. The United States has imposed tough sanctions against Iran, who refused to shut down its nuclear program. This has created tremendous stress on the Iranian economy and it has been revealed that the government is short of funds to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had requested for funds from the World Bank and the International Monetary fund. There has been no response to the requests. Therefore, Iran is forced to continue with financial transactions to a certain extent. President Rouhani gave clear indications in that respect.  

President Rouhani said that the financial transactions in Iran cannot stop, despite the Coronavirus pandemic. Rouhani said that therefore, permissions have been issued to government offices and private businesses to function. But a strong reaction has been received from the Iranian opposition on this matter. The opposition in Iran is criticising that the Rouhani government is playing with the lives of the citizens forwarding excuses of the economic crisis.   

It is once again evident that the country has become helpless on the financial level, from the Iran government’s decision, despite the Coronavirus pandemic being on a rampage in the country. This could have major political and social repercussions in the near future. The people of Iran has taken to the streets to protest against price rise, even before the onset of Coronavirus pandemic. The Iranian agencies were forced to take harsh action to dismantle the protests. This even had its international repercussions. There are clear signs that the Iranian government, once again, will have to face the wrath of the Iranian people. 

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