US President’s severe castigation creates stir in Pakistan

Washington/Islamabad: The strong allegations of betrayal and treachery hurled at Pakistan by the US President has created a stir in the nation. It is learnt that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has summoned a high-level security-related meeting while the Defense Minister of Pakistan, Khurram Dastgir has stated that Pakistan is fully capable of protecting its own sovereignty. Minister of Foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif alleged that the US is trying to blame Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan. At the same time, in view of this criticism, Pakistan has issued a summons to the US Ambassador to Pakistan.

US, donald trump, pakistan,On the first day of the new year, the US President in his tweet, lashed out at Pakistan in the strongest possible words. “In the past 15 years, America has foolishly parted with 33 billion dollars for Pakistan to receive only betrayal and treachery in return. The terrorists that the US is trying to target are being sheltered by Pakistan. But this won’t be tolerated any more”, the US President assailed Pakistan with bitter criticism. A buzz of activity was witnessed in Pakistan after this strongly worded attack by the US President.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan summoned a high-level security-related meeting with the heads of all three divisions of the defense forces. It is said that this meeting discussed the ways to retaliate to the allegations made by the US. Pakistan also expressed its displeasure by issuing a summons to the US Ambassador in Pakistan. The Defense Ministry of Pakistan also attempted to reply to the US President through its tweet. Pakistan allied with the US for 16 years in its war against the Al Qaeda to end terrorism. Pakistan opened its military bases as well as its classified information to the US for this purpose. The Ministry of Defense of Pakistan remarked that in return for this, Pakistan has only received mistrust and abuse from the US.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Khwaja Asif said that the claim made by the US of lending support of 33 billion dollars to Pakistan, was sheer falsehood. In an interview given to a news channel in Pakistan, he stated that if necessary, Pakistan is willing to reveal the details of the help received from the US. In the same interview, Khwaja Asif also alleged that the US is trying to blame Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan.

In the meanwhile, the US had already announced its decision to revoke its financial assistance of 255 million dollars to Pakistan, a few days ago. This step was allegedly taken because the US felt that Pakistan’s performance in the war against terrorism was not satisfactory. This was followed by the severe criticism by President Trump. This brings forth the possibility that the US policy with regard to Pakistan could get more stringent in the near future and the drone attacks by the US in Pakistan are a clear indication of this fact.