Witches in the US object to the phrase ‘Witch Hunt’ used by President Trump

Washington: Trump has consistently said that the investigation regarding the accusation that Donald Trump was made the President by Russia, interfering in the US Presidential elections is a witch hunt. The women who introduce themselves as Witches have objected to the use of the term by President Trump. The US media is giving publicity to the objections of these women.

Trump has consistently referred to the enquiry against him as a Witch Hunt. This is an insult to the people using witchcraft. Anne Hardman, holding the post of the High Priestess in the Fellowship of ISIS said that she is opposed to the term ever since the President mentioned if for the first time. Hardman said, “This word should be removed from the dictionary, just like the word contemptuous for the blacks was removed.”

Along with Hardman, the High Priestess of the association formed for worshipping goddess ISIS, other women introducing themselves as witches is also upset with President Trump. They also include Kitty Randall. Kitty Randall has strongly objected saying that President Trump has used the word Witch Hunt 60 times on the social media.

Meanwhile, while this criticism is being showered on President Trump, some news agencies have taken President Trump’s side. These news agencies have claimed that as per some people President Trump has used the word Witch Hunt to describe the unnecessary investigation and the trouble caused and he does not mean the word literally.

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