US made Apache helicopters join the Indian Airforce Fleet

New Delhi: The United States delivered the first ‘Apache Guardian AH-64 E(I)’ helicopter to India. The Indian government had signed an agreement for 22 Apache helicopters with the Boeing company, from the United States. The first helicopter of this lot has been delivered to the Indian Airforce, by the Boeing company. This function was held at the Boeing base, at Mesa in the US state of Arizona. It has been revealed at this juncture, that Boeing will be supplying 4 to 6 more Apache helicopters to India, by July.

The Apache helicopters carried out significant tasks in the Iraq and Afghanistan anti-terrorism wars. India has been asking for these helicopters from the United States for a very long time. Eventually, the agreement to purchase 22 Apache helicopters was signed in the year 2015. As per that agreement, the first of the Apache helicopters were handed over to the Indian Airforce. Earlier, the officials and the technicians from the Indian Airforce were imparted training regarding the helicopter. Necessary changes have been made to the helicopter, as demanded by the Indian Airforce.

US, apache helicopters, indian airforceApache helicopters are super advanced and these helicopters, capable of carrying out attacks at night, are equipped with an advanced radar system.

Apache Guardian AH-64 E(I) is equipped with air-to-surface anti-tank missiles. Along with these, air-to-surface rockets and chain guns capable of firing 625 rounds per minute are also deployed in these helicopters. Therefore, Apache helicopters are used for incisive attacks on the enemy.

The Apache helicopters can carry out specific attacks on the enemy, and this will increase the capability of the Indian Airforce tremendously. 4 to 6 more Apache helicopters will be joining the Airforce in July. This will strengthen the air defence of India. Significantly, this helicopter being capable of attacking from a distance to finish the enemy, becomes a valuable tool, in the counter-terrorism activities.

It will make it easier for the Indian Airforce to target the terrorist hiding in the regions near the Line of Control and the international border. Therefore, Pakistan had demanded that the United States should not supply these helicopters to India. India has adopted an aggressive stand that terror attacks in India will be retaliated by destroying terror camps in Pakistan. The inclusion of Apache at such a time has significant military importance. The capabilities of the Indian Airforce have increased significantly because of the Apache attack helicopters and Chinook helicopters capable of heavy transportation, this has increased pressure, even on China, along with Pakistan.

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