Apache attack helicopters, known as ‘flying tank’ arrive in India, to be sent near Indo-Pak border

New Delhi: The first batch of AH-64 Apache combat helicopters, also known as Flying Tank because of their destructive powers, have arrived in India. India has purchased the helicopters from the United States, and four more would be delivered to India, soon. The helicopters would be deployed at the Pathankot base near the India-Pakistan border. India is evidently augmenting its defence preparedness on the Pakistan front.

flying tankIndia signed an agreement with the United States for the supply of 22 AH-64 Apache helicopters, in 2015. Accordingly, the first four Apache helicopters reached India on Saturday. Also, India would receive all the 22 Apache helicopters in phases by the year 2022 and Boeing, the manufacturer of Apache said that the next batch of four Apaches would be delivered soon. The AH-64 is a multirole combat helicopter and is also known as the Flying Tank. The Apaches have the capability of targeting tanks and has played a vital role in many conflicts. Furthermore, the United States has effectively used the Apache helicopters in Syria, Iran and Afghanistan.

The batch received on Saturday comprises of four Apache helicopters. Currently, the helicopters need to be assembled after which they would be inducted in the Indian Air Force (IAF). They are to be deployed at the IAF’s Pathankot Air Base. Previously, the MI-3 helicopters were used at the Pathankot base. An appropriate message has been delivered to Pakistan with the deployment of the destructive helicopters at the Pathankot Air Base.

The helicopters delivered by Boeing to India, are equipped with the advanced technologies and the Apache is considered to be the best helicopter in the world. Additionally, the helicopters can be useful in any campaign. The helicopter is built keeping the requirements and security of its commander, in view. Thus far, Boeing has exported more than 2,000 helicopters to various countries across the globe. India ranks fourteenth in list of countries which have received the helicopters.

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