The US rocks Turkey by withdrawing sanctions against Cyprus  

Ankara – Turkey is getting isolated on the issues of oil exploration in the Mediterranean Sea and the Libyan conflict and even the United States has targeted Turkey. The United States criticised that Turkey has festered the situation in Libya by sending hundreds of Syrian extremists to Libya. The United States accused that conflict flared up in Libya, because of these Turkey affiliated Syrian extremists. The United States also withdrew the 33-year-old sanctions, banning arms supply to Cyprus. The United States has delivered a jolt to Turkey with this decision. Infuriated Turkey has threatened the United States of a retaliation.  


US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, announced that the sanctions imposed on Cyprus, in the year 1987, regarding arms purchase, stand withdrawn. Pompeo clarified that the sanctions had been lifted for a year, following discussions with Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades. It is claimed that this US decision opens flood gates for Cyprus, to purchase arms. In contrast, Turkey fears that Cyprus will increase its military strength and pose a challenge to Turkey.   

CyprusAgainst this background, Turkey has criticised the US decision and has appealed that the United States should review its decision and withdraw it at the earliest. Turkish foreign ministry warned ‘The United States should retreat on this decision for the peace and stability in the Mediterranean Sea region. Otherwise, Turkey will have to take some decisive action to protect its interests.’ Turkish Vice-President, Fuat Oktay, strongly criticised the United States for this decision. The Turkish Vice-President warned that this US decision had increased the threat of a conflict, in the Mediterranean Sea region. Within a few hours of the Turkish threat over Cyprus, the United States targeted Turkey over the Libyan issue.   


The people in Libya have been panic-stricken due to the civil war, going on since the last few years. The United States criticised that Turkey has sent Syrian extremists and added fuel to the fire of the conflict, for the avarice for the Libyan oil. The US defence ministry report says that 5,000 defeated soldiers from Syria, have been deployed in Libya, by Turkey. These Turkey affiliated mercenaries have complicated the Libyan conflict further as also the situation. The report says that Turkey has also deployed its soldiers and air defence systems in Libya as Turkey deployed its military and mercenaries, even Russia and other countries deployed mercenaries, in Libya, making the conflict further more complicated.  

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