The US threatens to freeze cooperation with Germany over the Huawei and Nord Stream-2

Third World WarWashington/Berlin: The US Ambassador bluntly reprimanded Germany ‘Secured communication channels are a must for the exchange of confidential information exchange and defence cooperation. Companies like Huawei impedethis. The German agencies must remember that the United States will not be able to continue to cooperate with them in the same manner, if they involve Huawei or any other Chinese companies in the implementation of 5G networks.’ Following the tough stand taken on the Huawei issue, the United States has given a new jolt to Germany saying that sanctions can be imposed on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project.

The trade war is raging between the United States and China since last year, and at the same time, President Trump has initiated an aggressive campaign against the Chinese companies. The United States has banned the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, due to their close connections with the Chinese government and has stalled the investment of the other Chinese companies too. The United States is demanding that its allies in the world should follow the United States and talks are being held with these countries. Due to the aggressive stand of the United States, countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other European countries have indicated banning Huawei.

US, cooperation, germany, huawei, nord streame-2But countries like Germany and Hungary have refused to impose a blanket ban on Huawei, defying the instructions of the United States. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had taken a stand that there is a need to open a dialogue with China and all the safety precautions will be considered. Before the Huawei issue, there have been tussles between the United States and Germany over the issues of Nord Stream-2 fuel pipeline, Iranian nuclear program, IS terrorists and bilateral trade.

Against this background, the United States has adopted an aggressive stance in the matter and has raised the issue of cooperation regarding confidential information. US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, has raised the issue regarding cooperation, in the letter written to the German Commerce Minister. The US embassy, as well as the German Minister, confirmed the exchange of the letter. But the German Minister refused to comment on the letter and took a stand that reaction will be given at an appropriate time.

The US embassy while reiterating the issues in the Grenell letter, clearly warned that the exchange of information with Germany could become difficult in the future. The embassy spokesperson warned that the United States would not accept the inclusion of Huawei, saying that the inclusion of unreliable companies in the telecommunications network creates a doubt about the confidentiality and sincerity of the confidential information.

While reprimanding Germany on the Huawei issue, the United States has adopted an aggressive stance also on the Nord Stream-2 fuel pipeline. US Secretary for Energy Rick Perry gave clear indications that the motives behind the Nord Stream-2 pipeline are political and the United States is contemplating the imposition of sanctions against it. US President Donald Trump has already lambasted Germany over the concerned fuel pipeline, and a bill has also been passed in the US Congress.

The analysts have warned that there is every possibility of the relations getting rough between the United States and Germany, because of the aggressive stance adopted by the United States, on the Huawei and Nord Stream-2 issues.

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