US defense budget gives importance to India’s partnership – Pakistan gets conditional aid

Washington – US President Barack Obama has approved the defense budget draft which included giving more importance to defense partnership with India. Obama has approved a “National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which proposes to appoint a special officer to increase India’s defense partnership with the US. At the same time it was made clear that the aid granted to Pakistan would be on conditional basis.    

ObamaOn Friday, Obama signed and approved the “National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)” which includes 619 billion dollars for defense purpose and also mentions about increasing defense partnership with India. The US administration has suggested appointing a special officer to further strengthen its partnership with India.     

It has also been emphasized that the appointed officer must be an expert on defense related purchases as well as adept in technology. The NDAA mentioned that the new officer should be able to successfully increase its defense ties with India by establishing co-ordination between various regulators/infrastructure and would try to find solutions on topics like defense business proposals between two countries, defense aid and help in solving issues related to joint projects.     

The United States is ready to grant India the title of major defense partner. This sentiment has been given more emphasis in the defense budget and more focus has been on expediting this process. The US has not withdrawn its complete support to Pakistan. Pakistan will be provided with a 29 crore dollars’ worth “Night Vision System”along with other reliefs. However, this aid seemed to have been declined compared to previous periods, also this new aid given would be on conditional basis. The US will only grant aid to Pakistan once they are completely satisfied with the actions taken against Taliban’s “Haqqani network” and other terrorist organizations. If they adhere to the above then they can obtain at least 50% of the announced aid.    

It has also been declared that of the 29 crore dollars worth “Night Vision System”, Pakistan government will need to pay 12% of the same. It is also quite clear that even though US has put forth some conditions on Pakistan for availing aid, they have not completely withdrawn it.  

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