Pakistan panics with US proposal to grey-list it at ‘FATF’

Washington: The Pakistani Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had certified that Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai terror attacks, is innocent. But, now Pakistan has started action against the same Hafiz Saeed and his organisation ‘Jamaat-ud-Dawa’ (JuD). The riddle of a sudden action from Pakistan against the terrorist organisations, is getting solved now. The US has started the process of ‘Black Listing’ Pakistan in the Financial Action Task Force, ‘FATF’. Pakistan, scared by this move, has initiated action against the terrorist organisation.

FATF‘FATF’ is an independent body keeping a close eye on the illegal money transfers and financing of the terrorist organisations. ‘FATF’ had given a stern warning to Pakistan, who openly finances terrorists, in its last meeting. Pakistan ignored the warning. But, the ‘FATF’ is meeting in the French capital, Paris in the coming week. The US has already prepared the proposal for including Pakistan, who funds terrorists, in the ‘Watch List’.

Britain is also participating with the US in moving the proposal and France and Germany have decided to support the proposal as well. This has made Pakistan panic greatly. As once Pakistan enters the ‘Watch List’, it will be difficult for any country to invest in Pakistan. Not only this, but Pakistan will not be able to borrow from the international financial institutions. The investors currently having their interests in Pakistan, also will turn their backs. Pakistan, with the dire state of its economy, is heavily dependent on the funding from the world bank and the International Monitory Fund. Pakistan is also looking expectantly at investments by other countries.

It is clear that Pakistan will be in major trouble if the US proposal is passed in the Paris meeting of ‘FATF’. India, seemingly, is also making planned efforts in the matter. India will be submitting solid proofs about Pakistan funding the terrorists and the ways in which the funding is done. This is likely to corner Pakistan.

Pakistan has amended its laws to initiate action against the ‘Jamaat-ud-Dawa’ of Hafiz Saeed and other organisations. Pakistan is taking care that the information is not leaked. There are reports of Pakistan banning two organisations allied with ‘Jamaat’.

There were reports of Hafiz Saeed being scared about the possibility of action against him. He had challenged the Pakistani agencies to arrest him. Whereas, the supporters of Jaish-e-Mohammad, the organisation behind the Sunjwan attacks, had taken to the streets in Lahore.

This was a show of strength by Jaish-e-Mohammad to avoid action against itself, say analysts.

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