Use of ‘Mini Uranium’ by US in the attacks on ‘IS’ in Syria

Washington : The use of low capacity uranium has been used by the US bomber planes  in the rounds of attacks on IS’s locations in Syria. The US ‘Central Command’ (Cent Com) revealed that during the tenure of President Obama, the US planes had hit IS’s locations at least 5000 times. International Organisations are expressing fears that on account of these attacks there has been an increase in cancer and a decline in birth rates.

Major Josh Jacks a  spokesperson for the US Cent Com further revealed  to a journal in US, that weapons which were banned had also been used in air strikes in Syria. In the month of November 2015, the US ‘A-10 Thunderbolt’, a bomber plane had launched attacks in the provinces of ‘Der Al-Zor’ and ‘Hasakah’. In these air attacks, the US bomber planes targeted the oil tankers which were being smuggled by IS terrorists.

The US bomber s attacked IS terrorists with 5265 rounds of low capacity uranium ( DU ). Major Jacks further informed that in the attacks at least 350 fuel tankers belonging to IS had been destroyed. It was alleged that US had made use of DU in air strikes carried out in Iraq and Syria earlier. But Obama administration had however denied these allegations. The use of DU is to destroy tankers and tanks in a war zone. As IS did not have tankers , the use of DU is not applicable, US said.

But the spokesperson of Cent Com seems to have increased the problems for US by publicly stating the use of DU. As per International rules, the use of DU is prohibited in and around residential areas. Hence US has been criticized for violating the International rules and launching attacks. A few hours before the clarification from Cent Com, a website had published a report holding US responsible for the deaths caused in the Syrian conflict.

It is also being suspected that DU had been used in the ‘Gulf War’ fought  in 1991. It has been revealed from the medical tests  that the blasts from DU had adversely affected the health of the American soldiers. After this the use of DU had been banned.

According to a report published, the US air strikes in Syria have claimed the lives of maximum civilian population compared to Russia. A website, ‘The Air wars’  reports that in the last years air strikes of US, maximum civilians have died. Lives were lost in about 95 attacks of US in Iraq and Syria. In comparison, in Russia’s 57 attacks civilians died. The actual figures of dead have not been revealed. The report, however, puts a question mark on the US operations.

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