US Bank ‘Capital One’ suffers a major cyberattack, personal data of more than 100 mn customers hacked

Third World WarWashington: A massive cyberattack was carried out on ‘Capital One’, a leading financial institution in the United States and data of more than 100 million customers was revealed to have been hacked. Paige Thomson, a 33-year-old woman, was arrested in connection to the hacking case. However, a big group is suspected of having been involved considering the extensiveness of the attack.

US Bank' Capital One' suffers a major cyberattack, personal data of more than 100 mn customers hackedCapital One is one of US’ leading banks and is spread across many other countries apart from the US. The institution came under attack, a few days ago and has even confirmed the reports. Therefore, the data of nearly 100 million customers from the United States and 6 million from Canada was hacked. The leaked information also contains the Social Security Numbers of the customers, but the company has claimed that other customer information was safe.

The 33-year-old hacker was arrested in connection with the attack. The woman had bragged of having hacked the bank website, and the case was thereby said to have been exposed, claim sources. Nevertheless, the complete details of the matter have not yet been disclosed. Certain news reports have stated that an independent gang or group may have been behind the attack.

The Capital One hack is said to be the most massive cyberattack on the US financial sector in the recent past.

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