Two militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir encounter   

Srinagar: The Security Forces have succeeded in killing two militants in an encounter between the forces and militants in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir. But an official also informed that one Army Major and police personnel are seriously injured in the skirmish. On Thursday midnight, after receiving information about militants being in Baramulla, the 29-Rashtriya Rifle, CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir Special Police squad, in unison, initiated a search campaign in Yadipora region.   

Moreover, the insurgents initiated fire on the soldier while they were on their search campaign mission. However, the security forces befittingly retaliated to the militants and killed two of them. In the skirmish, an Army Major got severely injured. He has been hospitalised in 92 Base Hospital; his condition is said to be stable. Furthermore, Jammu and Kashmir Special Police Officer Naseer Ahmed has also been severely wounded in the attack and has been moved to a hospital in Srinagar.   

The Security Forces have initiated a vigorous campaign against the insurgents. This year, so far, the security forces have killed more than 150 militants in its actions. Moreover, they have also declared to have eradicated the existence of terrorists in a few regions. The militants are struggling to retain their existence due to the action of Security Forces. Further, it is claimed that these actions were carried out not only against the militants but also their closest allies.   

Meanwhile, as per the information imparted by the Jammu and Kashmir Police, the militants had prepared a list to kill civilians, political leaders and soldiers. The police said that the terrorists are attempting to create a scare among the people. They also asserted that an FIR has been filed against this matter. Furthermore, it has been exposed that the militants were being instructed over this from across the border.  

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