Indian Army kills Hizbul commander Sameer Tiger in an encounter in Jammu-Kashmir

Pulwama: ‘Sameer Ahmed Bhatt alias Sameer Tiger’ the most wanted commander of ‘Hizbul Mujahideen’ including his associates were killed in an encounter by the security forces. The security forces succeeded in killing this dangerous militant in the encounter at Pulwama in Jammu-Kashmir. An army Major and a soldier were injured in the operation while one person was killed and 15 others have been injured in the action against the mob that created obstacles in the operation by protesting it.


Hizbul commander, indian army, jammu and kashmir, encounterThe security forces received a tip-off about three terrorists hiding in the Drabgam area in Pulwama district. Personnel from ’44 National Rifles’ of the Indian army, counter-surgency Special Operations Group of the Jammu-Kashmir police, and CRFP rounded up the village following the tip-off. The terrorists were hiding in a house in the densely populated part of the village. The soldiers emptied the nearby houses to corner them. When the terrorists realised this, they resorted to indiscriminate firing. An army Major and a soldier were injured in this firing.

The encounter continued for the next nine hours. ‘Sameer Ahmed Bhatt alias Sameer Tiger’, the most wanted commander of ‘Hizbul Mujahideen’ was killed in it. ‘Samir Tiger’ was known as one of the deadliest terrorist commanders in Jammu-Kashmir. He was instrumental in many terrorist acts of Hizbul and he is said to be a resident of Pulwama. The information that Samir Tiger was a ‘Poster Boy’ for the terrorists has come to light following this action. It is therefore claimed that the success of this operation of the security forces is far more significant.

Aqib Wani, an associate of Sameer Tiger was also killed in the encounter. During the encounter, some separatists started pelting stones at the security forces. The action taken by the soldiers against the mob resulted in killing one person while injuring 15 people. There have been similar incidences in the past, where the separatists have resorted to stone pelting to distract the security forces action against terrorists. The military had also given a warning regarding this. But in spite of the warning it continued and thus a decision has been taken by the army to take harsh action against such mobs.

The security forces have started a comprehensive operation against the terrorists in southern Kashmir and they seem to be achieving success not only in killing the terrorists but also their leaders exerting more pressure on the terrorist organisations.

In the times to come, the ‘Black Cat Commandos’ of the ‘National Security Guard’ will be joining the counter terrorism campaign. The Home Ministry officials have informed that they will soon be deployed in this State.

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