Colleges in Kashmir Valley stay shut due to demonstrations Students suffer educational loss

In the context of the conflicts between students and the security forces in the past and to avoid any undesirable happenings the colleges in the Kashmir Valley have been closed down. For five days continuously till Saturday, the colleges have remained shut thereby causing a great loss to students academically.

The separatists’ movement in the Kashmir Valley has again been lot of support from Pakistan. Last year Burhan Wani, the Commandar of the Hizbul Mujahiddin had died in a skirmish with the security forces. There after Pakistan with the help of the separatist groups had created lot of violence across the Kashmir Valley. During this time of violence, the schools and the colleges were closed for a prolonged period. At this time the separatist forces had set ablaze the schools in the Valley. All these events had resulted in a great academic loss to the students in the Kashmir Valley. It was very clear that Pakistan was attempting to create an anti-India climate in the Kashmir Valley by attacking the academic institutions and the Government establishments. Due to prolonged shut down of the academic institutions and noticing the academic loss to the students, the parents too had blamed the separatists for attacks on the educational institutions. Given this background of school closure in the Valley and the educational loss suffered by the students the timetable for the examination had to be changed.

Although normalcy had returned to the academic institutions in the Kashmir Valley, the colleges in the Valley had to be shut down once again for the security of the students. Students in uniform were seen throwing stones at the security forces last Monday. When the security forces retaliated, the students protested against the security forces.

It is already clear that Pakistan has been funding activities like pelting stones against the security forces in the Kashmir Valley. It is equally clear that Pakistan has been deploying various methods to create an anti-India climate in the Valley. Amidst all this, now doubts are expressed that Pakistan is preparing to use the student group in the Kashmir Valley against the Indian security forces. To avoid untoward incidents, and considering the security of the students in the Kashmir Valley, the decision to close the colleges for five days consecutively has been taken.