Baramulla declared first terrorist free district in J&K

Baramulla: Three terrorists were killed by the security forces at Baramulla in Jammu-Kashmir. Following this incident, the Jammu-Kashmir police announced that terrorism has been completely eradicated from the Baramulla district. Therefore, Baramulla becomes the first terrorist free district in Jammu-Kashmir.

The security forces had launched an all-out campaign in Jammu-Kashmir. Numerous terrorists have been killed in this campaign undertaken for complete eradication of terrorism from Jammu-Kashmir. More than 250 terrorists were killed and more than 50 were captured, in encounters with the security forces, in 2018 alone. Therefore, the terrorist movement is restricted to south Kashmir and that too has been limited to 100 kilometres around Srinagar.

baramulla, terrorist, district, jammu kashmirThe operation all-out was started first in north Kashmir. The second phase of the operation was started in South Kashmir around six months ago. The terrorists have almost been flushed out from North Kashmir making Baramulla the first district to be free from terrorists.

On Wednesday, Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Shoaib Akhoon and two of his accomplices were killed in the joint operation undertaken by the security forces. All three were from Baramulla. The terrorists were given an opportunity to surrender. But they resorted to firing on the security forces and were killed in the return fire. Jammu-Kashmir police have claimed that there are no surviving terrorists in Baramulla, after these three were killed.

Baramulla has been burning in the fire of terrorist activities since the decade of 90s. Some terrorists have absconded from here fearing the all-out operation started by the security forces and some resorted to surrender, in front of the security forces. One’s who avoided both these options were killed in operation all-out. This has scared even the supporters of these terrorists and it is clear that the security forces will bring peace and order to this region in the coming times.

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