Turkey issues a fresh warning to EU over migrants

Turkey EU_AFP (Guardian)Turkey has once again started issuing threats to the European Union soon after Ahmet Davutoglu’s resignation as Prime Minister of Turkey, who was dealing with Europe on the migrants’ issue. A few days before President Recep Erdogan warned EU that Turkey will not accept all the terms enforced upon it and rather it will have to be EU that will have to make alterations in its terms. Erdogan’s advisors and senior ministers too have followed him in threatening European Union. The threats have also made EU to take aggressive stance and warn Turkey that they won’t get any concessions unless they accept all the terms. 

Last week, European Commission published a report demanding Turkey to make amendments in its anti-terror laws. Replying to these demands President Erdogan strongly condemned them and alleged EU of advising Turkey to change its anti-terror laws. But in reality, EU itself was allowing terrorists to camp in while asking for new provisions. He also asked EU to find its own way if Turkish laws seemed troublesome to them.
Turkey kuzu_twimg (Anadolu Agency)Following this, the deputy chief of ruling ‘Justice and Development Party’ and Burhan Kuzu, also an advisor Erdogan, has given an open challenge to the EU. Kuzu has warned, of pushing hoards of Migrants in EU if the discussions in European Parliament on visa-free travel for citizens of Turkey go in undesired direction. Kuzu also repeated the warning given in the month of February by President Erdogan that buses and airplanes in Turkey are not just kept for display.
Volkan Bozkir, Turkey’s ‘EU Affairs Minister’ also has warned EU to consider the assurance of ‘Visa Free Travel’ from political perspective. Bozkir also said that the EU could do something as an exception but at the same time he has also enforced that it would be impossible to amend the anti-terror laws.
EU has taken an aggressive stance on the background of these threats from Turkey. President of European Commission, Jean Claude Junker has given a clear message that Turkey will not be given any concession on Migrants agreement until it obeys all its set terms. Of the 72 terms set-forth by EU, the 65th term to be followed by Turkey to get ‘Visa free Travel’ is of making changes in its anti-terror laws, Junker said. Juncker 1_ec europa euJunker mentioned that Turkey was well informed about the terms before entering into the agreement and that their satisfaction was important for EU. Junker’s words underline EU’s strong insistence.
Trying to corner Erdogan, Junker said, “If Turkey does not modify its anti-terror laws and hence if it is not given Visa-Free Travel benefit in Europe for its citizens then it would not be EU but Erdogan who would owe an explanation to his Turkish countrymen”.  

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