Germany holds Turkey guilty of Armenia genocide

Berlin 3rd June –  Germany has passed a Special Resolution to admit that the killing of Armenian citizens during the First World war amounts to a “genocide” Germany holds Turkey guilty of Armenia genocideAfter the resolution, Turkey has recalled its ambassadors and President Recep Erdogan has warned that this will cause a blow to the bilateral relationship between the two nations. In 1915, the genocide conducted by the Ottoman empire completes 100 years.

Armenian GenocideIn the last few days, the relations between Germany and Turkey have been strained over agreement on the refugee problem. With Germany the European Union had taken a tougher stand that Turkey should honor its commitment. Important German leaders have clearly pressurized the German Government and demanded that it should not bend before Turkey. The discussions between German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and Turkish President Erdogan have also failed.

Against this background, it is significant that Germany has passed a resolution about the genocide in Armenia. Turkish authorities have expressed dissatisfaction and demanded that the resolution be withdrawn. To this, there were severe reactions from Germany. The German members had replied that Germany was not a member of the Turkish assembly to succumb to its pressure tactics. After this, German news agency had disclosed that threats were being made to members of the German Parliament. 

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