Hundred thousand migrants from Turkey will flood UK every year: British Minister

migrants London Dated 13thJune (New Agency) – If Turkey is granted membership of the European Union (EU) then migrants would freely enter Britain, Ms. Priti Patel the employment minister of UK,apparently cautioned its government. She further added that every year more than 1 lakh migrants would break into Britain.As Britain is opposing Turkey’s entry into the EU, Turkey in turn is threatening the Union that,if the British government does not allow ‘VISA FREE’ entry to more than 10 lakh of its citizens, then lakhs of migrants would be directed towards the rest of Europe.

It was just a few months back that the British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron had supported Turkey’s entry into the EU. He had supposedly asked for Turkey’s entry into the EU in spite of the fact, that it would escalate the tension concerning the migrant issue in Europe. Later he had a change of mind when the pressure over the migrant issue began to intensify. At the same time, ‘Migrant Watch’ a study group in UK published a report cautioning the British government that Turkey’s entry into the EU would have dreadful effects on its country.

This group also pointed out that Turkey’s entry into the EU would mean four lakh new migrants entering Britain every year, further it also raised a concern that by the year 2035the population in Britain would be around 7.5 crores. In effect if Britain did not walk out of the EU, then it would have to bear the burden of an additional 2.5 lakh migrants entering Britain every year for the next 20 years.

Ms. Priti Patel has referred to the ‘Migrant Watch’ report and has alerted Prime Minister Cameron on the related issue. She also stated that supporting Turkey’s EU membership would mean breaking the pre-election manifesto committed to the British citizens; she further added that it would also raise concerns over Britain’s own security. While just few hours prior to this,Mr. David Cameron had taken a stern stand on the Turkey’s migrant issue stating that Turkey will not get the EU membership for 3000 years. A strained relationship is being witnessed between Turkey and Britain over the last few days on the ‘VISA FREE Entry’ to migrants. Turkey has proposed that the British government should allow more than 15 lakh of its countrymen to enter Britain under the ‘VISA FREE ENTRY’. According to leaked media reports, it is now an open fact that Turkey is pressurizing Britain onthe migration issue. These reports also state that undisclosed meetings are being held between the Turkish government and the British embassy officials at the British embassy in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

These reports also state that Turkey is repeatedly threatening Britain that if they do not agree on the ‘VISA FREE ENTRY’ for its people, than it will redirect all the migrants who are taking shelter in their country towards Britain. Whereas, the British government has made it clear that there is no question of giving any ‘VISA FREE ENTRY ‘to the Turkish.

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