Crime spike in Sweden due to migrants, claims Swedish police

Sweden, the country that has taken in far more migrants per capita than any other in, is now suffering increasing incidence of crime.The Swedish Police claim that the influx of migrants is at the root of this grave problem.


Migrants reside mostly in Gothenburg and its vicinity and this region is becoming a hot spot for crime. Under excess work pressure, police officials admit that common crimes committed by gangsters and even those by migrants are going unresolved. In Gothenburg for instance, common crimes are hardly investigated, say the police.

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In Gothenburg, instances of eve teasing and burglary have risen but no investigation or follow up happens. It is by far the Moroccan youth or migrants from other nations that are found to engage in these crimes. Norway’s daily ‘Aften Posten’ compares Gothenburg and areas around it to a ‘pressure cooker’.

Last year more than a 150 thousand migrants entered Sweden and this year the number could already have reached 100 thousand. The huge influx of migrants has irked the local natives and some regions are even witnessing strong reactions. Over the last one year, 25 of the housing shelters reserved for migrants were burnt down. The group ‘National Future’ has set up its own coastal guard vigilance to prevent migrants from travelling into the country by the sea route.

On this background the support for the EU in Sweden is reportedly plummeting. According to a survey by ‘TNS Sifo’ commissioned by the Swedish public broadcaster ‘SVT’ the percentage of supporters of Sweden’s membership of the EU has fallen steeply to a mere 39% as against almost 60% last year. This is but an indicator of the indignation of the Swedes against the EU. The survey revealed that 21% Swedish citizens believed it to be a bad idea that Sweden was a member of the EU.

The pollsters allege that it was the migrant crisis that had led to the negative feelings about the EU. Last year Sweden had urged that other member nations of the EU share its load by allowing the distribution of migrants among them and had also written a letter to the EU to the effect. The EU apparently has turned a blind eye to it and has, as a consequence, invited the displeasure of the Swedish common man.


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