President Trump imposes a new rule blocking asylum for immigrants from ‘third country’

Third World WarWashington: Within 24 hours of initiating action against immigrants in various cities across the United States, President Trump has now imposed a new restriction to stop the immigrants. President Trump has issued new executive orders which state that ‘if an immigrant crossing the US border is from a third country, he/she would not be granted asylum in the United States’. The orders would come into effect from Tuesday and the United Nations (UN), as well as NGO’s in the United States, has expressed strong displeasure over the order.

On Sunday, the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department, with the help of local Police agencies, initiated a comprehensive campaign against illegal immigrants. The campaign is said to have been launched in more than ten cities in the United States. President Trump has claimed the campaign was successful. However, the opposition Democratic Party and NGO’s have started a vigorous campaign against it.

Trump, third country, immigrantsWhile the issue of illegal immigrants is making waves, Trump has delivered another jolt to the new immigrants arriving in the US. Among these, the proportion of the immigrants coming through the Mexican border is the highest. They include the immigrants from Central America, Africa and even Asia in large numbers, take this route for entry into the United States. A separate law is in place in the US for such immigrants. Nevertheless, Trump has used the rule for third-country immigrants and has taken away the legal right for them to enter into the United States.

President Trump’s executive orders clarified in the ‘Interim Rule’ that the proposal from an immigrant from a third country for seeking asylum would not be accepted. Therefore, no one other than the Mexican citizens would receive a permit, to enter into the United States through the Mexican border. Some US news agencies have claimed that President Trump has cut off all association with the immigrants coming through the Mexican border.

President Trump has aggressively highlighted the issue of illegal aliens, right from his presidential campaign. After taking over as the President, Trump has taken firm decisions to expel illegal immigrants from the country. The new arrangement appears to be a part of the same policy, although a massive opposition is expected to the decision. Furthermore, the United Nations has expressed severe concern over the decision while the NGO’s from the United States have started preparations to challenge it legally.

The criticism faced on the management of immigrants coming through the Mexican border is said to be one of the reasons behind Trump’s decision. The Democrats in the US Congress have targeted Trump consistently over the issue. Infuriated by the criticism, Trump had retorted in response. He asked, ‘Why don’t the Democrats, who are advising me on how to run the country, go to their failed and crime-infested countries of origin and try to improve the situation there?’ Trump has maintained his stand despite receiving replies from the concerned members, and the new assertive orders is an indication of the same.

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