The United States hands over an Al Qaeda terrorist to India

New Delhi- The US has handed over a wanted Al Qaeda terrorist to India. On 19 May, Mohammed Ibrahim Zubair, who had been sentenced to prison by the US court was brought to India in tight security. As per the claims, Zubair, who is an accomplice of the notorious terrorist Al Alkavi can impart important information to the Indian intelligence. Moreover, by deporting Zubair to India, the US has indicated the world of its co-operation with India against terrorism becoming extensive.

In 2011, the US agencies had arrested Zubair with his brother. Even though Zubair currently holds US citizenship, he originally belongs to Hyderabad. In 2002, Zubair secured admission for engineering in Ohio university and in 2004, he obtained the nationality of the UAE. Furthermore, in 2008, he married a young US woman and accepted American Citizenship. However, Zubair continued to work for Al Qaeda. Both, Zubair and his brother, Yahya Mohammed were close associates of the Yemeni terrorist, al-Awlaki. Information has emerged that Zubair would look after the provision of money for Al Qaeda.

Currently, Zubair’s brother is incarcerated and serving a 27-year sentence in the US. Whereas, Zubair got imprisoned for 5 years. Moreover, the US deported him to India after his sentence was complete. A few years ago, Al Qaeda had formed a new organisation to operate in India and the Indian sub-continent. As per the information of the intelligence, Al Qaeda is making persistent efforts to attack India. Thus, against this background, India has got Zubair in its custody.

During the investigation, it will be known how involved Zubair was in Al Qaeda’s attacks in India. Besides, a possibility is also being expressed that he might be able to provide vital information about Al Qaeda’s movements in India and its subcontinent.

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