US President receives a grand welcome in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: US President Donald Trump has arrived in India for a visit. His visit started in Ahmedabad and a grand function was organised to welcome him, at the Motera stadium, in Ahmedabad. President Trump thanked Prime Minister Modi and the Indian people for this magnificent welcome. President Trump took a firm stand against terrorism during this function. Saying that he was working to secure the US borders against terrorism and declared support for the Indian fight against terrorism.

US President receives a grand welcome in AhmedabadThe cooperation between India and the United States is increasing since the last few years and President Trump expressed confidence that this cooperation will only strengthen with time. Trump pointed out that strategic cooperation between India and the United States has reached a new height and India has become the leading buyer of the US-made high-quality weapons and defence equipment. President Trump said that the Indian and US defence forces are consistently holding war exercises and said that cooperation would be established in joint manufacture of defence equipment.

President Trump said that India will be finalising the deals for purchase of Romeo helicopters for the Indian navy as also the Apache helicopters and this defence related deal is worth $3 billion. A strong possibility of a bilateral trade agreement being signed, during President Trump’s visit, was being predicted. But both the countries have not come to an agreement in this matter. Despite this, President Trump said that he will be discussing the bilateral trade agreement with Prime Minister Modi.

President Trump said that the world is under threat from the terrorism of extremists and the United States and India must stay alert to secure their borders. President Trump said he respected the Indian democracy and the generous tolerant traditions and further said that democracy is the common link between the United States with India. Whereas, Prime Minister Modi said that President Trump was a friend of India and claimed that a new era of Indo-US relations has started during his tenure as the President of the United States.

After becoming President of the United States, Trump had asserted that he was a friend of India. Prime Minister Modi said that Diwali is celebrated in the White House during his tenure and this brings happiness to the Indian community, which is contributing to the prosperity of the United States.

Meanwhile, after the Ahmedabad program, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited the Sabarmati Ashram. Thereafter, President Trump and Melania Trump visited the Taj Mahal in Agra. After this, they reached New Delhi. Bilateral talks are scheduled to start between India and the United States from Tuesday and the eyes of media from both the countries are focused on the negotiations.

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