The European Union should turn to Russia for its security instead of the US, French President Emanuel Macron

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Paris: ‘Europe cannot depend upon the United States for its security. Therefore, the European Union (EU) must start discussions with Russia about the subject,’ claimed French President Emanuel Macron. The media and analysts all over the world have taken note of the French President’s statements and have claimed that he has made the statements in view of the strained relations between France and the United States. Before this even Germany had indicated terminating the defence cooperation with the United States.

In a meeting held in the French Capital of Paris, President Macron spewed venom against the United States while addressing a meeting that discussed France’s foreign policy. He also claimed that Russia could be an alternative to the United States for Europe. Considering European security, Europe cannot depend on the security provided by the United States anymore, said Macron. Avoiding elaboration on the subject, he suggested that the European Union should think of Russia as an alternative to the United States.

Macron accepted criticising Russian President Vladimir Putin for violation of human rights in the past. He also accepted that there exist major ideological differences between Europe and Russia. ‘I respect Vladimir Putin and I am one of those who believe that we need to create new approaches to security with Russia, we need discussions with Russia,’ suggested Macron.

Macron did not clarify about withdrawal from security cooperation with the United States. However, since the past few months there have been differences between the two countries over issues like the Iran nuclear deal and the taxes imposed by the United States upon the import of European goods. Macron had criticised the taxes on European goods terming them as illegal, and warned that Trump’s economic nationalism can invite a trade war.

During the same period Macron had initiated efforts to establish contact with the Russian President and to improve cooperation. The Russian media and analysts had welcomed this Macron’s stance. A Russian mouthpiece had claimed that Russia can prove to be an important partner for the European countries. Nevertheless, some European analysts had expressed surprise over Macron’s movements. The analysts had warned that the French President needs to be cautious while dealing with Russia, which had once announced to disintegrate the European Union.

Prior to French President Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had also suggested that the European Union should establish cooperation with Russia, criticising President Trump’s foreign policies.

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