Tension in Bangladesh due to hanging of ‘Jamat-e-Islami’ leader

The ‘Jamat-e-Islami’ leader Motiur Rahman Nizami was hanged on Wednesday, being accused of the race destruction caused during the Bangladesh war of independence in the year 1971. Nizami was accused of killing hundreds of citizens during the Bangladesh war of independence. He is the fourth leader in Bangladesh to be hanged for this war crime. Post Nizami’s hanging, there were violent protests in some parts of Bangladesh, while Pakistan and Turkey expressed their disfavor on this incident.

Nizami Bangladeshi Islamist leader hanged_AFP (FT)

The death penalty of Nizami, the leader of ‘Jamat-e-Islami’ , which is considered as the leading orthodox organization in Bangladesh, is regarded as a shock to all the orthodox organizations in the country. For the past few years, the Shaikh Hasina Government in Bangladesh has taken up the task of taking aggressive action against the ones who did injustice to the citizens of Bangladesh during the 1971 war of independence. A special court has been formed for this purpose wherein cases have been filed and punishments are announced against the leaders and volunteers.

‘Jamat-e-Islami’ is known as a Pro-Pakistan organization. Nizami, the leader of this organization had established an organization named ‘Al Brad’ during the war of independence in the year 1971 wherein he was responsible for killing thousands of Bangladeshi citizens. In the year 2014, the Bangladeshi Court sentenced Nizami with death penalty over these accusations. ‘Jamat-e-Islami’ organization is almost shut post his hanging, opined the local political analysts.

Pakistan and Turkey have come out with strong reactions on this incident. Pakistan’s External Affairs Ministry expressed grief saying that the death penalty was a shock. It has come to the fore that there have been protests in support of Nizami in Karachi and some other parts of Pakistan. The President of Turkey, Erdogan hastermed Nizamias a Mujhahid and has criticized his hanging by saying that the mindset behind this act was wrong.

Earlier in the year 2013, there were severe violent riots in Bangladesh over the hanging of ‘Jamat-e-Islami’ leaders. Hundreds of citizens had lost their lives in these riots. ‘Jamat-e-Islami’ has declared a country-wide strike on Nizami’s hanging. Violent reactions are expected from the supporters of ‘Jamat-e-Islami’ during this strike. Security has been tightened all over the country and in some areas Army too has been deployed. During the last few months, the orthodox organizations have been targeting the liberal class of Bangladesh and a fear is being expressed that such incidents would now be on the rise post Nizami’s hanging.

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