Another blast rocks Balochistan’s capital Quetta

Quetta, Pakistan : Just when Pakistan was recovering from the shock of suicide bomb blast at a hospital in Quetta, another bomb blast shook the city. Fourteen people were injured in a roadside blast targeting a vehicle belonging to the Anti-Terrorism Force (ATF), which was accompanying Justice Zahoor Shahwani’s vehicle at Zarghon Road on Thursday, 11th August.

Another Blast Rocks Balochistan Capital Quetta

Among the injured were 4 policemen and 10 civilians, police confirmed. Home Minister of Balochistan, Sarfaraz Bugti, said that the judge was unharmed. Bugti further stated that it is a busy road and the terrorists took advantage of this to plant the bomb. The bomb was detonated via a remote control device. He further said that these blasts were aimed at sabotaging Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations. However, the minister refrained from naming any probable perpetrators of the attack.

The explosion came just days after a deadly bombing in Quetta that killed 74 people, mostly lawyers and policemen. Pakistan had earlier blamed Indian Intelligence agencies for the blasts. However, no evidence has been found to support this allegation.

Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a group aligned with Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Taliban and the terrorist group ISIS, have taken responsibility for this attack and has pledged to continue carrying out such attacks. Earlier, this group had indicated that various security agencies across Pakistan are their target.

Like other regions in Pakistan, Balochistan has also become a safe haven for terrorists. Earlier, Taliban leaders Mansour Akhtar and Mullah Omar had taken shelter in Balochistan, according to US spy agencies. After the Quetta attack, ISIS terrorists are seeking safe havens in the same province. Therefore, it looks like the challenges for Pakistan’s military are set to increase.

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