Chinese troops fire tear gas at Nepalese team

Kathmandu: – The Chinese soldiers used tear gas against the Nepalese unit that went to inspect the pillars defining the border, in the Humla district. The Nepalese government has dismissed the claims of Chinese encroachment in the area. But the Nepalese media and the opposition parties are accusing that the government is hiding facts. Varied information is consistently surfacing regarding this. It has been revealed that China constructed buildings on the encroached territory, in this region, in only a few days. Against this background, the use of tear gas by the Chinese soldiers, on the Nepalese unit will aggravate the problems for the KP Sharma Oli government.   

The communist party government headed by KP Sharma Oli, working under the Chinese influence, is consistently making false claims that India has encroached on Nepalese land. The Nepalese government even published a political map for this purpose. But the Nepal government is not willing to utter a single word regarding the Chinese encroachment. It has been revealed through the agriculture department report that China is slowly encroaching land in the villages in border areas. The report also mentioned that China is changing the course of rivers and even moving the border pillars for this purpose.   

But the Nepal government is frantically trying to coverup the Chinese encroachment. The Nepalese Foreign Minister had said that Nepal has a border dispute with India and not China. Nepal even accused that the Indian media are spreading false information. In reality, varied information is being published in the Nepalese media, regarding the Chinese encroachment into Nepal. The discontent against the Oli government is increasing, in the Nepalese population and protests are being held consistently. The opposition parties also are questioning the Oli government.  

Now, as per the report, Chinese soldiers fired tear gas shells at the delegation, comprising of political leaders and officials from Nepal, that went to inspect the border pillars, in the Humla district. The delegation had gone there only to verify the stories of Chinese encroachment. The Deputy Chief of the Namkha village in the region was injured with a tear gas shell, fired by the Chinese soldiers.   

Meanwhile, it was exposed last month that China has constructed nine buildings in the encroached area in the Humla district, in only a few days. It is also reported that the local Nepalese people have been banned entry to this area. One of the Local Sarpanches posted photographs of the Chinese buildings on social media. Accusations are rife that the pro-China Nepalese government is knowingly ignoring the Chinese encroachment. This territory encroached by China is only 70 kilometres from the Indian border at Pithoragarh, in Uttarakhand. Therefore, this Chinese acquisition adds also to Indian concerns. 

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