Fierce protests held in Nepal against China   

Kathmandu: On Tuesday, strong protests took place against China in Nepal capital, Kathmandu. China has captured the Nepalese land, thus causing rising discontent in the Nepalese citizens. Moreover, they are lashing out against the Nepal government. At the same time, the experts in Nepal lashed against accusations of Nepalese ambassador against India in an interview to the Chinese mouthpiece, Global Times. It is not China, but India who has captured the land of Nepal, accused Nepalese Ambassador, Mahendra Bahadur Pandey.     

Moreover, Nepal PM, KP Oli Sharma is severely lashed out for his anti-India and pro-China policies. The KP Oli government, who proclaimed Indian land as Nepal’s in the new map, has not uttered a word against the Chinese encroachment on Nepal land. This policy of the Nepal government has spoiled India-Nepal relation. However, Nepalese analysts have been drawing attention to the fact that Nepal has no other choice than siding with India. Besides, the Nepal press has revealed some more information about the China-captured land in Nepal; they also raised questions to the government.    

Against this background, students protested outside the Nepal embassy in Kathmandu. Furthermore, the protestors declared China to withdraw from their border and also stated that the China construction at the encroached land in Nepal’s Humla district is illegal. All the more, the opposition in Nepal raised questions over the Chinese encroachment to the Oli government as well.    

While Nepal is already undergoing anarchy over the issue of China-captured Nepalese land, Nepal ambassador Pandey’s interview to Chinese mouthpiece Global Times has caused some more agitation. Besides, the Nepal Ambassador has lied in the interview that not China, but India has captured the Nepalese land. He further added that Nepal is an independent nation that India is trying to colonise. Besides, Pandey also accused the Indian media of publishing fake news about Nepal and China. But it was the Nepal media that revealed the information of Chinese encroachment on Nepal land. So, Nepal ambassador’s accusations are baseless.    

Besides, Nepal Ambassador Pandey has also made some spiteful statements about Tibet. Tibet is a part of China and Nepal supports One China Policy. Also, a few citizens who left Tibet reside in India; the civilians also use the India-Nepal open borders to intrude. However, Pandey said that Nepal would not let anyone use its soil against a friendly country, China.     

After this interview, Nepalese analysts, think tanks and political parties are outraging at Pandey. These statements by the Nepal ambassador are fake and against the government protocol, say the analysts. It was only two months ago, Nepal PM KP Oli summoned former Nepalese ambassador, Leela Mani Poudyal and appointed Pandey as his successor all of a sudden.   



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