Protests held in Nepal over rising Chinese interference

New Delhi: – Reports are being received that the Chinese interference in the internal matters of Nepal is on the rise and the Chinese Ambassador in the country is working overtime to save the seat of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Hou Yanqi, has been holding meetings with the senior members of the communist party, since the last three days. This increasing Chinese interference has not gone down well with the Nepalese population and the opposition parties and protests were held outside the Chinese embassy to denounce this interference. At the same time, lawmaker Sarita Giri warned that Nepalese rulers that if they do not get cautious in time, Nepal will become another North Korea.  


There is a divide in the Nepalese communist party and the senior leaders of the communist party are upset with the erratic behaviour of Prime Minister Oli and have demanded his resignation. But the meeting of the communist party, where the decision was to be taken regarding the resignation of Prime Minister Oli, has been postponed thrice, since Saturday. It is said that Ambassador Hou is instrumental in getting this meeting postponed. Ambassador Hou has met, in the last three days, with leaders like former Prime Ministers Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, Madhav Kumar Nepal and Zala Nath Khanal. They have formed a front against Prime Minister Oli.   

Before this, around three months ago, Oli was under pressure to resign. There were similar movements from the Chinese embassy in Nepal, even at that time. Ambassador Hou had become active. Thereafter, within a few days, the Nepalese Prime Minister dug up the border dispute with India. Even now, it has been observed that the Chinese Ambassador has become active. The way Hou Yanqi is working in the current situation has become a topic of discussion even in the Nepalese media. The opposition parties also are criticising the developments.  

On Tuesday, a mob of thousands of Nepalese people, assembled outside the Chinese embassy, to protest against Ambassador Hou. The members of the Student wing of the Nepalese Congress also participated in the protests. The protestors were carrying anti-China placards during the rally. ‘The Chinese Ambassador should stay in the embassy’, ‘Go Back China’ and ‘No interference’ were the messages on the placards in the hands of the protestors. At the same time, some of the protestors were carrying defaced photographs of Ambassador Hou to express their opposition.  

The Nepalese opposition parties are upset with the interference of a foreign official, in the internal matters of the Nepal ruling party. The leaders from the opposition parties have severely criticised the interference of the Chinese Ambassador, in the internal politics of Nepal. The immature foreign policies of the Oli government also were criticised and it is being said that these have affected the relationships with the neighbouring countries.  

Meanwhile, Sarita Giri, Member of parliament, from the Nepalese Socialist party had been removed from the party and the post. Her membership to the parliament also had been cancelled. A few days ago, Giri had opposed passing of the new controversial map in the Nepalese parliament. She had stated in the parliament that Nepal does not have any historical proofs to stake this claim. On Wednesday, during an interview with a news channel, Giri accused that action was taken against her just because she repeatedly questioned the Chinese interference. She also expressed fears that if Nepal is not cautious, the Chinese conspiracy to convert Nepal into another North Korea will become a reality.   

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