Soldiers deployed in Kashmir receive special training to counter drone attacks 

Srinagar: – The intelligence agencies had warned that the soldiers deployed in the inaccessible regions are likely to face grenade attacks using drones. Against this background, the Indian Army will be providing training to the soldiers to counter the drone attacks.  


Indian Army has developed a special training module, to train the soldiers, deployed in Jammu-Kashmir. The training will be conducted in the 15 Corps Battle Schools. This is the place where the soldiers are given special training of war techniques. Now the soldiers will be trained here, to counter-drone attacks. The soldiers and officers deployed in the Kashmir sector will be given this training. The period of training will be 14 days for the soldiers deployed on the border and 28 days for the soldiers involved in the counter-terrorism activities. It is claimed that the soldiers will majorly benefit with this training.   

It has been observed since the last few months that the terrorist organisations are using drones for supplying weapons to the terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir. The security forces have shot down some of these drones in Punjab and Kashmir. But it has become difficult for the terrorists to infiltrate into Indian territory. Terrorists are also being killed in the strong actions initiated by the security forces. Therefore, ISI has planned to use drones for these activities. The information has been received that the terrorists are being trained by Pakistan to operate drones, to carry out attacks on the Indian soldiers, during the infiltration attempts.   

Following the tipoffs, received from the intelligence agencies, the security forces have been alerted and the soldiers are being trained to shoot the drones sown. Against this background, the proposal to purchase Drone and Anti-Drone system becomes significant.   


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