More than 7,000 bunkers built near international border in Jammu and Kashmir  

Srinagar: – Officials informed that work has been completed of building more than 7,000 bunkers near the international border and Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. These bunkers are being built for the security of the local civilian population from the consistent firing and mortar attacks from Pakistan. A few months ago, it was informed that the construction of underground community bunkers had been started in Uri, near the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir.  


Sanjeev Sharma, Divisional Commissioner of Jammu, reviewed the bunker construction via videoconferencing on Tuesday. At this time, Sharma gave instructions to expedite the bunker construction work. 14,460 bunkers will be built in five districts of Jammu division for the protection of the civilian population from the consistent firing from the Pakistani side. The officials informed that a total of 7,777 bunkers, comprising of 6,839 individual and 938 community bunkers, have been built on the international border and Line of Control in Jammu.   

Construction of 1,569 bunkers has been completed in Samba. Construction of 1,161 bunkers in Jammu, 1,519 in Kathua, 2.603 in Rajouri and 925 in Poonch has been completed too. At the same time, 334 bunkers are nearing completion. Along with these constructions, the Divisional Commissioner also discussed land acquisition for the military in various districts. He instructed the officials to dispose of the proposals expeditiously. The obstacles in the construction work also were discussed.  

18 underground bunkers will be built near the Line of Control in Beniyar and Uri, in Jammu and Kashmir. Construction of six bunkers has already been started. Construction of each bunker will cost ₹1 million. The civilians in the border areas can take shelter in these bunkers in case of cross-border firing from Pakistan. The civilians in the Uri sector are grappled with fear in view of the consistent firing from Pakistan. Therefore, there was a persistent demand for bunkers from this area. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Pakistan has violated ceasefire 3,800 times on the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. 

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