Israel military takes action inside Syrian border  

Jerusalem: – Israel military destroyed two military posts, built by Syria, in the demilitarized zone at Golan Hills. The Israel military announced that the soldiers from the special forces, of Israel military, carried out this action crossing the Syrian border. The Israeli military warned that the repeat such action, if required. The Israeli media claimed that this action was a message to the Assad regime, who is building military posts and deploying military in the demilitarized zone.  

The special forces soldiers from the Nahal Brigade and the Yahalom Unit, of the Israel military, carried out this action, crossing the Syrian border in the northern Golan Hills region, on the 21st Sept, in the night.  The spokesman of the Israel military announced on the social media that the Israeli soldiers destroyed two Syrian military posts, built-in violation of the United Nations’ regulations and returned safely to Israel. The Israeli military accused that the Syrian military was using these posts to monitor the movements of the Israeli military, on the Golan Hills.  The losses suffered by the Syrian military have not been revealed so far.   

After the Israel military spokesman revealed this information, officials of the Nahal Brigade gave the information regarding the action. The Israel military warned that it would take such actions, even in the future to stop Syria, who has links with Iran and Hezbollah from Lebanon, on the Golan border. At the same time, saying that south Syria will not be allowed to become south Lebanon, the Israel military asserted that it was keeping a close watch on the increasing activities of the terrorist organizations in this region.   

As per the guidelines of the United Nations, Israel, Syria and any affiliated armed groups are not allowed any military activity, in the demilitarized zone. It has been decided that the UN Peace Keeping Force will be deployed there. Israeli is accusing that despite this, Syria had built two military posts in the area. At the same time, only last month, reports of an increase in the activities of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Iran affiliated Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations along with the Syrian military, in this region, had been published. Whereas, the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad had announced that no talks with Israel are possible, before the acquisition of the Golan Hills. Against this background, the Israel military seems to have delivered a warning to the Assad regime in Syria, through this action. 

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