People of Wuhan resist testing fearing the second wave of Coronavirus

Wuhan: – The city of Wuhan, the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic, has been hit by the second wave of the pandemic and 27 new cases were reported from there on Sunday. China has reinitiated screening of the citizens to contain the spread of the outbreak. But the people of Wuhan are grappled with the fear that they will contract Coronavirus, once again, through these tests. This is causing the people of Wuhan to resist screening.

Since the last week, new cases of Coronavirus are being reported from Wuhan and other cities in China. The number of cases in Wuhan has reached 40. Therefore, the claim that Wuhan, the city of origin of the pandemic, has been hit by the second wave, and it is intensifying by the day. At the same time, the accusation that China is still hiding facts regarding the pandemic is also strengthening.

Against this background, China announced the testing of the entire 11 million people in Wuhan and has claimed to have already tested 1.5 million people. The people of Wuhan are scared by the government’s decision to screen once again. The fears of the people of Wuhan are being expressed on social media. Saying that there is a higher chance of acquiring a Coronavirus infection during the screening, these people have falsified the claims made by the Chinese medical agencies. Some have even expressed doubts regarding the authenticity of the tests. At the same time, the medical agency informed that two of the newly reported cases are in critical condition.

As per the received information, cases reported from Wuhan are all from the local population. Therefore, the Chinese claims that the cases found in Wuhan came from other countries are disposed of. As of now, there are 40 patients with symptoms of the virus and 194 patients without the symptoms in Wuhan alone. China has avoided giving any reaction to these reports published by the western media regarding the situation in Wuhan.

Meanwhile, the United States has increased the pressure on China, tremendously, with a statement that the United States has all the evidence to prove that Coronavirus originated from the Wuhan laboratory. Analysts around the globe are claiming that the United States and its allies will not stop short of getting astronomical compensation from China, who is responsible for the pandemic. In this scenario, the second wave of Coronavirus seems to have increased the challenges faced by China.

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