Chinese laboratory responsible for Corona, claims Russian Professor

Washington/Moscow: – Russian professor Peter Chumakov contended that ‘Researchers in the Wuhan Laboratory have been experimenting on various subjects since the last ten years. This crisis has been caused because of their foolishness.’ Two days ago, French scientist Luc Montagnier had emphasised too that the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic was in Wuhan. China, already in trouble after being cornered by the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan on this issue, will now have to answer these claims made by scientists with scientific evidence. Apparently, the Chinese rulers do not have a satisfactory answer on this front. 


Professor Peter Chumakov, Head of Cell Proliferation Laboratory at the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, gave this information while talking to the local newspapers. Professor Chumakov stated ‘The scientists in the Wuhan laboratory are researching on the strains of Coronavirus. Many times, they carry out foolish experiments during the process’ as he gave examples of their experiments. 

Two days ago, Veronika Skvortsova, former Russian Health Minister and Head of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency, also had expressed the possibility of Coronavirus being a manmade virus. Veronika had inferred that 94% fragments of the SARS, the virus which also originated from China, and Coronavirus were same.

Only two days ago, Nobel laureate French scientist, Luc Montagnier, stated that the Coronavirus had originated from the Wuhan laboratory. The claim made by Luc Montagnier that the Chinese laboratory was conducting research on Coronavirus since the last 20 years, and the laboratory had established quite a good grip on the research is endorsed by the claim made by Russian Professor Chumakov. An accusation coming from Russia, one of the closest Chinese allies, increases the troubles for China.

Coronavirus in Russia has claimed more than 550 lives, and 62,000 Russians have been infected with Coronavirus. Russian President Vladimir Putin had pointed out to his fellow countrymen that this Coronavirus pandemic will be one of the toughest challenges faced by the country. Although maintaining good relations with China is an integral part of the Russian anti-US policy, the anti-China sentiment is seen to be growing, even in Russia, because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Professor Chumakov, revealing the information about the experiments in the Chinese laboratory and the observation that it was a foolish act, underlines the issue.

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