US and India will defeat the invisible enemy together: US President Donald Trump

Washington: – US President Donald Trump issued an unequivocal assurance ‘The United States will be supplying ventilators to its friend India. The United States is standing firmly with India, in these difficult times and India and the United States are cooperating on the development of a vaccine for Coronavirus. We will unitedly defeat the invisible enemy.’ Indian Prime Minister welcomed the statement made by the US President.

The biggest brunt of the Coronavirus pandemic, which originated from China, has been borne by the United States. Therefore, the US leadership has opened fronts on different levels, against China and have started seeking support from its allies. The United States is repeatedly sighting the cooperation with India, in this respect. The statement of President Trump, regarding India, underlines the matter once again.

Trump had demanded the medicine, Hydroxychloroquine from India, once the Coronavirus started spreading rapidly in the United States. India supplied medicine to the United States on a large scale. Following that, a United States cooperated with the Indian companies for developing a vaccine against the virus. Only a few days back, the Indian Ambassador to the United States informed that cooperation has been established between the Indian and US companies, for developing the vaccine for Coronavirus and the process is in its final stages.

Recently, a Union Minister from India had said that Coronavirus has been evolved in a laboratory. The Indian media pointed out that this claim made by the Indian Minister was in support of the US stand. Against this background, the statement made by the US President becomes important. The statements of the US President regarding the defeat of the invisible enemy also become significant. The Indian Prime Minister also has responded to the statements of the US President. The Prime Minister thanked the US President with his reaction ‘We are fighting the pandemic unitedly. In these times, the countries of the world must unite to defeat the Coronavirus pandemic and make the world a healthy place.’

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