President Trump creates a sensation with a statement over the Indo-Chinese border dispute

New Delhi/Washington: – US President Trump created a sensation with his statement “There is a major dispute between India and China. I spoke to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He was not at all in a good mood. China too is unhappy about it.” President Trump repeated his offer to mediate, saying that both India and China have a population of 1.4 billion and have excellent military strength. If they need any cooperation from me, in resolving the dispute, I am willing to mediate.’ Both countries have already clarified that there no third-party mediation necessary to resolve the border dispute between India and China. Against the background of the statements made by President Trump, the media claimed to quote senior officials that there has been no conversation between President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, since April. Indian military analysts and former military officials are claiming that there is a strategic message in the statements made by President Trump. 

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President Trump, while speaking at a press conference, expressed concerns over the Indo-Chinese border dispute and said that this could culminate into a major conflict. Trump was answering a question asked by a journalist. Indian military analysts and former military officials are claiming that there is a strategic tactic of the United States behind these statements. India did not reveal that Prime Minister Modi had held a telephonic discussion with President Trump, following the Chinese intrusion attempt in Ladakh. Therefore, some of the analysts believe that the claim made by President Trump regarding the mood of the Indian Prime Minister, could be troublesome for India. But former military officers are claiming that the statement made by President Trump, at a time, when the border dispute is at its peak, are favourable for India. While the Indian and Chinese soldiers are in a standoff on the Ladakh border, President Trump saying that the Mood of the Indian Prime Minister is not good, has a message for China that infuriated India is in no mood to back down. Therefore, saying that this may lead to a fearsome conflict between these two strong military powers, President Trump reiterated his offer for mediation. Some analysts said that this could be a well-planned move by India and the United States.

It is also being claimed that President Trump believes that this border dispute is favourable for the United States. Moreover, it is delivering a message to China, to tackle India first, then think of the United States; as China is preparing for a battle with the United States. President Trump is not a very thinking statesman and many times he speaks whatever he feels. Some journalists claimed that therefore there is no need to search hidden meanings in his statements. But some others have discarded this claim. Although these statements made by President Trump are seemingly in the same style, there is some definite plan behind them. Therefore, they cannot be ignored and a country like China will never ignore them. A former military official claimed that this has added to the pressure on China.

The Indo-Chinese border dispute has truly reached a severe level and the situation in Ladakh has become a matter of concern. Therefore, a group of analysts claimed that the concerns expressed by President Trump are not misplaced. When thousands of soldiers from both countries are involved in a standoff, the United States cannot ignore it. Some analysts believe the border dispute between India and China is favourable to the United States and the United States is adding fuel to the fire and India and China, both should realise the fact.

India has demonstrated a lot of restraint, in handling the situation, even when thousands of Chinese soldiers have intruded in the Indian territory. But If China continues to test Indian patience, it will be detrimental to Chinese interests. China has become unpopular in the world in view of the Coronavirus pandemic, expansion plans in the South China Sea region and Hongkong-Taiwan issues. Therefore, it is clear that the entire international community, including the United States, will stand behind India.

This is the reason behind India not using any aggressive language and the former military officials and strategy analysts are advocating sense to China. A former Indian military officer claimed that China is trying to retain the part of Siachen, under its control, as talks are rife that India will take over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, along with Gilgit-Baltistan. Therefore, the Chinese intrusion in Ladakh is defensive and not aggressive. The former military officers are asserting that China will back off, like in Doklam, after delivering a strategic message to India.

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