US aircraft carrier leaves for ‘South China Sea’, to dock in Vietnam

Taipei: ‘USS Carl Vinson’, the aircraft carrier of the US navy’s Third Fleet has been despatched to the ‘South China Sea’. The US navy informed that the fleet is being sent to ensure freedom of sea transport and regional security. This is the second time in this month that the ‘USS Carl Vinson’ s being deployed in the ‘South China Sea’. China had criticised when this aircraft carrier landed in Philippines last month. Chinese reaction on this new deployment is expected once again.

US-aircraftAccording to the information released by the US navy, the ‘USS Carl Vinson’ and the ‘USS Michael Murphy’ will reach Vietnam in the ‘South China Sea’. The navy clarified that the presence of these warships is necessary for the security of the region. The warship ‘USS Carl Vinson’ has 6000 soldiers and 90 fighter jets and helicopters. Whereas, the ‘USS Michael Murphy’ is equipped with anti-aircraft systems.

As per media claims, both the warships will be docked at the ‘Da Nang’ port in Vietnam. This is the first time an US aircraft carrier would be docked in a Vietnamese port since the Vietnam war in 1975. It is said that the warship will take part in the multinational military exercises that have been organised in the Asia-Pacific region. But the US navy has declined to release any further information about the campaign.

‘USS Carl Vinson’ had visited the ‘South China Sea’ in the month of February. It had docked at the Manila port in Philippines for three days. China had objected to the deployment of this US aircraft carrier. The Chinese media had criticised that such deployment in their marine limits would not be tolerated. But the US navy had declared that the concerned warship brought aid for the Philippine people. Whereas, the Philippine government had supported the deployment.

Two fleets of the US navy share the responsibility of the huge Pacific Ocean region which extends from, the US coast up to the Japanese coast. The Third Fleet of the United States Navy is responsible for the Eastern part while the Seventh Fleet is responsible for the western part of, the Pacific Ocean. The Third Fleet is docked at the California port at the west coast of US and the Seventh Fleet is docked at the Yokosuka port in Japan. The Seventh Fleet stationed in Japan has been given the responsibility of the Asia-Pacific and the ‘South China Sea’ regions. But there have been news reports that since last two years the deployment of the ‘USS Carl Vinson’, which is part of the Third Fleet, has increased in the Asia-Pacific region.

Meanwhile, China is claiming its right on 90% of the ‘South China Sea’. The claims made on this region by countries like Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have been dismissed by China. China has created more than 30 artificial islands and has deployed its army on these islands. The United States has criticised that the Chinese creation of these artificial islands and deployment of its army on them, has increased the imbalance in the region. China had lashed out that the US should not interfere in this region. Under such circumstances, the frequent deployment of the ‘USS Carl Vinson’ and other US warships can become a cause for concern for China.

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